3.2 Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach

3.2 Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach

The work in coaching and accompanying people is very individual and personal. That is why the process should be designed and implemented individually for each mentee. In this context, however, every mentor also acts differently. How coaching will be implemented depends on the working style and attitude of the mentor. Therefore, constant reflection on one’s own professional role is important and recommended (see Höher 2014).

Multidimensionality in practical work is another essential factor. Different approaches such as psychological, physical and social aspects can be integrated into the mentoring process. For this, it is important to follow the approach of lifelong learning. New approaches and methods can be developed and tested on the basis of further education and training. This expansion of the repertoire supports the mentor in enabling an individual and appropriate coaching process for each mentee.

On the other hand, the exchange with other disciplines and persons can broaden personal horizons in the form of supervision and intervision. Especially when coaching is perceived as personally challenging, a change of perspective can support one’s own professionalism.

A checklist can be supportive in this process in order to work on issues at different levels. After all, areas such as the social environment, financial security, the ideas and perceptions of caregivers can also have a great influence on the development of goals. For topics that do not find a place in the coaching setting, the next chapter is listed as a starting point.

The focus should be set on the individual abilities of the metee; by integrating the gender and diversity aspect, direct and indirect disadvantages due to gender, origin, culture, etc. should be eliminated. Furthermore, sensitive language regarding role attribution is another essential aspect of this approach.


Reflective questions for the reader:

  1. What does coaching trigger in me personally as a mentor?
  2. Have I had coaching in a similar situation before and am I maybe biased?
  3. Did I get to know the mentee holistically (noted different aspects)?