4.4 Using Storytelling as a Tool for Empowerment

4.4 Using Storytelling as a Tool for Empowerment

What is storytelling?

Storytelling is communicating ideas, beliefs, personal experiences, and life lessons using stories or narratives that evoke powerful emotions and insights. Another definition says that storytelling is an ancient art form that plays an irreplaceable role in the upbringing of children and in human communication in general.

Why use storytelling in counselling?

Storytelling is one of the effective methods used in counselling. This method is very suitable for the target group of NEETs because it is understandable, effective and engaging. Stories have the power to help mentees develop insight into their problems without raising defences. Mentees usually tell their own stories and thus begin to better understand themselves and their life situation. The mentor can also tell the mentee stories (or provide them in written form) of other people who have been in a similar situation as the mentee. Together, they can then discuss the story. Speaking about stories allows mentees to step away from the problem and look at it from a different perspective, more impartially and objectively.


Reflective questions for the reader:

  1. How would you define storytelling?
  2. Why is storytelling a suitable counselling method for working with young people from the NEETs target group?