Chapter 7 – Useful Resources

Chapter 7: Recognition of Prior Learning Useful Resources   The Council of Europe’s take on Non-formal learning and education: More information about the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET): More information about Serious Gaming: How to identify your EQF level: Detailed information and level descriptions: the Common European … Read more

Chapter 6 – Useful Resources

Chapter 6: Work-Based Learning Useful Resources   Cedefop (2013). Return to Work: Work-based learning and the reintegration of unemployed adults into the labour market. Retrieved from Cedefop (2015). Work-based learning in continuing vocational education and training: policies and practices in Europe. Retrieved from Cedefop (2018). Apprenticeship schemes in European countries: a cross-nation overview. … Read more

Chapter 4 – Useful Resources

Chapter 4: From Communication to Dialogue Useful Resources – Non-violent communication – The Center for Nonviolent Communication – Introduction to Motivational Interviewing – How to actively listen to others – Storytelling, Psychology and Neuroscience

Chapter 2 – Useful Resources

Chapter 2: Taking a Trauma-Informed Perspective Useful Resources ACEs – Maintaining the Window of Tolerance – Site de apoio nacional – Online Psychologists –

Chapter 1 – Useful Resources

Chapter 1: The Integrated Guidance Approach Useful Resources   Tips for mentors: Tips for your introduction session with mentees: Tips for mentoring: Tips for communicating with mentees: Tips for building relationships and trust: