Chapter 7 – Bibliography

Chapter 7: Recognition of Prior Learning Bibliography Cedefop: Difference between formal, non-formal and informal learning: Serious Gaming: Open Badges: ECVET: EQF: CEFR: CEFR self-assessment grid:

Chapter 7 – Useful Resources

Chapter 7: Recognition of Prior Learning Useful Resources   The Council of Europe’s take on Non-formal learning and education: More information about the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET): More information about Serious Gaming: How to identify your EQF level: Detailed information and level descriptions: the Common European … Read more

7.4 How can Prior Learning be recognised?

7.4 How can Prior Learning be recognised? Formal, non-formal, and informal learning have to be assessed differently, as they are very diverse approaches and are based on different experiences. Qualification analysis is useful to recognise formal qualifications, while competency assessments can facilitate validation of competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning. Such competency assessments thus … Read more

7.2 Formal Learning

7.2 Formal Learning While we are at school or attending any other kind of formal learning, we can expect that the teacher or trainer has set up a formal lesson plan or curriculum, including set learning goals, timing and methodology of lessons, as well as a form of assessing if we have internalised the learning … Read more